Era - Victorian 

Materials - 14k Yellow Gold, Onyx, Silver & Three Old Rose Cut Diamonds

Size - US 7 1/4

Look into the clear night sky and you'll be drawn to three stars burning brightly against the dark (yes, even in New York City). 

When we stumbled across this antique beauty with a plate of solid onyx and three rose cut diamonds winking away, we immediately thought of one of our favorite constellations in the cosmos. 

Orion was known to Ancient Greeks as a giant amongst gods. A hunter and an ardent lover of women, he captured the heart of Artemis, the goddess of hunting. 

Artemis was a proud goddess, fiercely competitive and strong. So when she got wind of Orion boasting that he could kill any beast on Earth and best his lover, she conspired with Scorpion (who lived in the constellations) to take him down. 

But as soon as Orion is killed from the lowly creature's sting, Artemis is filled with remorse and throws him into the cosmos opposite Scorpio, so that when Scorpio rises in the east after Orion, her lover can escape to the west. 

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