Era - Vintage

Materials - 14k Gold, Emerald (.50ct) & Old Mine Cut Diamonds (.75ct total weight)

Size - US 5

Stuck in a rut? A round and round merry-go-round that just don’t wanna stop?

The emerald is known for its tie to the soul, and its representation of peace and unity along a bumpy road. Symbolizing love, devotion, and well being, it is the perfect reminder to take a step back from this crazy life and BREATHE. 

But this beaut’s glory doesn’t stop here: the gems encompass the power of three- the number of Time. When time seems to be slipping out of your hands (as it usually does!), just take a glance down at your hands and remember that even the craziest day only lasts 24 hours. And hey-  why not embrace the spur of the storms and dance in the rain for a little?  

Truth, wisdom, and goodness encompass this treasure. Just as you will if this is the true fit for you. Just as the royals wore them to symbolize power and serenity, just remember that you are a true babe with the power to make peace in anything life throws at you. 

So you be you, you lovely queen.

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