Era - Art Deco

Materials - 14k Gold

Size - US 6

The 1920’s. What a time to be ALIVE! Dress hems rose, flirty ankles prevailed and corsets were thrown out the window. The average income was high, people were feeling bold and free.

Even though in just the year before, Prohibition had banned the sales of any “intoxicating liquors” (oh my) somehow alcohol found its way into the underground “Speakeasies” creating gangsters like Al Capone (who allegedly had half of the Chicago Police in his pocket) and young, sexy adventurers couldn’t get enough of it. The radio was in almost every household and the sounds of music to shake your body to filled spaces with it’s own heartbeat.

The battle for Women’s Right to Vote is WON on August 18th, after fighting tirelessly since July 1848. The Summer Olympics were happening in Belgium where the first 5 interlocking rings flew on a white flag symbolizing unity after a long World War.

The Roaring 20’s, The Jazz Age, the start of a decade of prosperity and social change in America. Even though we have a long, long way to go this ring serves as a great reminder of where we have been and the people who have celebrated for all the right things before us.

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