"I found I could say things with colors and shapes that I couldn't say any other way...things I had no words for"

Georgia O' Keeffe is without a doubt known for her unmistakable feminine looking flower paintings. Which we'll be upfront about being a THOUSAND PERCENT supporters of. 

But Ms O'Keeffe was so much more than her paintings. Inspiring, modern and ever the Feminist before millennials started figuring out how to spell it. Even in her relationships she maintained her freedom and independence over her creativity, preferring to live from her New York City dwelling husband in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Here she felt the most inspired by the barren desert landscapes, painting bones, skies and her beloved flowers.

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Era - Victorian

Materials - 14k Rose & Warm Yellow Gold, 2 tcw Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Size - US 6 1/4

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