Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum, Sapphire & Diamonds (2ct tw)

Size - US 6.5

These ship-shaped rings are some of our favorites. Not only do they elongate the finger, making your hand look ever so elegant, dahling, but they make us think about the days when travel was so much more romantic and daring.

Water travel was revolutionized in the 1900's when laws stopped the flow of immigrants coming to and from Europe and America. The Steamship Industry faced a devastating lost in revenue and companies scrambled to reinvent themselves. Thus began the marketing machine to promote mass ocean travel, geared first to middle-class and business people and then expanded to higher class leisure cruises as the demand grew. 

Cruise ships quickly became larger and more extravagant than the last, with engineers and designers over the next few years taking it as a badge of honor to be making the most luxurious waves on the water. 

Undisputedly the most infamous of these ships is The Titanic, which sank to the bottom of the ocean on its maiden voyage in 1912. 

This diamond ring with it's sparkly plate and a sapphire in the center (remind you of any famous blue jewels from that movie?) makes us think of The Titanic... well, at least of Baby Leonardo Di Caprio. Swoon.

*This item can be resized  

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