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Materials - 14k Gold or Silver with your choice of emerald, sapphire, ruby or diamond

Size - 2in diameter

the O P H I A H O O P S. 

This past year we've been thinking of Powerful Women, and how now, more than ever we need to be reminded of our Inheritance, of our Birthright and our Power. 

Over hundreds of years we've endured being taken from our wild nakedness to be shamed and squeezed into suffocating clothing. We've had our voices stolen and locked behind doors only to be let out and paraded like prize birds, only speaking when spoken to. We've had our divine strength and fire diminished by titles like "weaker sex". We've been poked and prodded by male doctors who wanted to "diagnose" a desire for more than what we had been "given".

In our research of Women to channel from, we've come across ancient Mayan Queens, Egyptian Women Pharaohs called Kings, Women who fought in armor and women who fought in silks. We've been reminded in the strength in cunning, the strength in hearth/nest and the strength in femininity. We've been reminded that WE are closer to Earth and God and Universe and hold all of that knowledge from our ancestors already inside of us. 

So, while we were consuming book after book and reading webpage after webpage we noticed a theme in jewelry (always). These Women adorned their ears with jewelry (be it wood, bone, gold, stone, silver..) that had a PRESENCE. These Women wore jewelry that showed UP, and made them appear as big and powerful as they felt inside. 

We designed these hoops to mimic just that, as they sit on the ear and show more of the earring than a traditional hoop. The Ouroboros Snake is a symbol of the infinite cycle and natures endless creation, destruction and rebirth.

For all of our Powerful, Beautiful, Wild Women

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