Era - Art Deco

Materials - 14k White Gold & Old European Cut Diamonds (1ct total weight)

Size - US 6.5

They glitter. They sparkle. They capture our eyes and we covet them above any other stone. But what do we really know about Diamonds?

We know that these highly sought after rocks are formed deep, deep, deep within the Earth's surface, where immense heat and pressure trap carbon dioxide and turn it into a mineral (talk about water to wine!). The Earth then expels these hot minerals to the surface where they cool quickly and harden into diamonds. 

The first diamonds can be traced to India as early as 4th century BC, where they held the World market for these precious gemstones until the 1700's when Brazil discovered mines and took over. South Africa soon followed suit.

One of our favorite tidbits about Diamonds (like these three stunners set in the prettiest detailed white gold) is that of all the elements on Earth, they have the highest melting point. Which means that at the end of it all, there will be cockroaches (yuck), Twinkies (not our fave, but no complaints), and yes....Diamonds. 

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