Era - 1920's

Materials - 14k White Gold & Diamonds (.65)

Size - US 5.75

Kate, how we love you. This ring had us grabbing our chest in excitement as soon as we saw her! Well, not quite like the lady gracing our artwork but you get the gist.

If you look closely, you can see the beautiful imperfections that tell us a story of a labor of love. The hands that made this would have spent hours and hours, painstakingly piercing this precious metal in a design etched on top of it. Once these points had been pierced through, he or she would take a teeny tiny blade, sawing gently along to create these beautiful curls and loops.

Diamonds were set with love and then a small pen-like tool was pressed and turned to make a beaded texture, one by one.

Artistic, special, one of a kind. Just like you.

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