Era - Ancient Seal with 20th Century Gold Setting

Materials - 24k Gold & Carnelian 

Size - US 4 1/2

For the poet, for the author, for the lover of the written word, this ancient carnelian seal depicts a time when language was a celebrated form of art.

Carnelian can be traced in adornments as early as the 5th millennia BC. Just let that sink in for a minute. This was a time when only an estimated 7million people lived on our Earth and exciting new things were being mastered like the wheel, animal domestication and farming the land.

In Hebrew, the language of the Israeli ancestors, carnelian is often mentioned as the first stone in the garb of the High Priests ceremonial breastplate. It’s been highly regarded by ancient Egyptians, Romans and Grecians alike to depict their words and symbols.

This remarkable treasure had been passed down from hand to hand and later was set in a fitting surround of 24k gold. Great as a gents pinky ring, seal, or treasured heirloom to pass down in your own family.

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