Era - Georgian 

Materials - 15k Gold, Silver & Chrysoberyl 

Size - US 7 

Ok, we know what you’re thinking: “Uhm, what even is this gem or this ring and how the hell can it be valued at that?”

But hold your horses there, cowgirl. There is a lot of magic and history packed into this juicy, dreamy, treasure of a ring.

Not only has this beauty survived hundreds of years, Chrysoberyl (a close cousin of the beloved Emerald, by the way) was a gem only reserved for royalty and the very wealthy, making jewelry like this even more rare. Fun fact, one of Queen Victoria’s sons proposed to his wife with a Chrysoberyl cats-eye.

These gems you see here specifically, were mined in the the Muzo Columbian mines which are still known as the leaders in remarkable emeralds. At the time this ring was made, Spain and Portugal had just colonized South America creating a fever of culture amongst the British elite with exotic foods, animals, stories and yes…gems being introduced into society.

But before this, uhm, invasion (because let’s get real, no one ever has invited anyone over to just come colonize and have tea) the Muzo people had lived there and mined the land for hundreds of years. Referred to as “The Emerald People”, these typically peaceful people who had previously spent their existence honoring the Sun, the Moon and their Earth fought back against colonizing with ferocious fervor. SO much so that it took conquistadors FOUR attempts over 20 years to convince the Muzo to finally submit.

This ring is an example of true history, of how little we know of the real suffering and pride and strength of the human condition it takes to produce something like this. Regardless of your belief in energy, when you slip this ring on there is a certain amount of wonder that comes over you. With each glance at it on your hand, the feeling of treasuring and taking care of something that has meant so much to so many, there is a feeling of something much, much bigger than can be held in the palm of your hand. (or on your hand, for that matter)

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