Era - Vintage Native American 

Materials - Silver

Length - 2in

The settlements of white people across America didn't only forcefully steal Native American lands, they also sought to crush their spirits. Even in the early 1900's the government was still continuing to ban the age-old rituals and ceremonies of Native peoples. 

For decades pow wows and dances were held in secret. Two young boys from the Ponca Tribe sought to change that. 

Adorned in the beaded and feather buckskins of their people these boys went to the town center with nothing but a friend to beat on a drum. As the townspeople stopped and stared, circling the boys, the drum beat started. Faster and faster the drum beat while the boys twirled and stomped in the dust, raising spirits of their ancestors and paying tribute to the Native American traditions. What happened after the drum abruptly stopped and the boys stood still and panting in the hot sun became a liberation and a new custom that swept North America by storm. 

"Fancy Dance" competitions brought tribes from all over together again to remember their heritage, and to celebrate the fighting spirit that is totally and completely Native American. 

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