Era - Art Deco

Materials - (stamped) 18k White Gold, Sapphire & Diamond (1.20ct L/VS2)

Size - US 4.75

"The Goddess of Nature, Protector of Women and Child of the Night; Artemis came to mind when we saw this bright star of a diamond flanked by rows of midnight blue sapphires. 

Fierce and proud, Artemis was known for always carrying her bow and arrow with her. Guarding her virtue, as well as the virtue of others (someone has to do it) she had little tolerance for the games of mere men. 

SO little tolerance in fact, that when she caught a hunter by the name of Actaeon spying on her while she was bathing she became enraged and turned him into a great stag. His hounds in turn hunted him down and devoured him. Woah. 

Moral of the story, don't peep in on ladies bathing (you should know this). Unless of course your very own Goddess gives you a wink and a nod, that is..."

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