Era - Vintage Native American

Materials - Silver, Turquoise, Onyx, Coral & Mother of Pearl

In Native American history we come across many tribes that were nomadic; traveling from place to place and even more so when their lands were invaded by European settlers in the 1500's. One tribe alone stands proud in holding steadfast to their lands for over 4,000 years. This tribe my friends, is the Zuni tribe.

Being that they have called the same place Home for so long, this tribe is recognized for their incredibly advanced agricultural skills and connection to the Earth. Raising crops and cattle within their tight community created a stronger religion for the elements and Gods that made everything turn. 

To no ones surprise (and we wish more people thought this way!) the Sun God was a huge point of celebration and worship within this tribe. Teaching themselves the intricate art of cutting stones (like tiny puzzles) for silver inlay, the Sun God was a popular motif for Zuni peoples. 

This Sun bolo not only was hand cut, crafted and set by adoring hands and eyes but is a testament to thousands of years of the pride, love and ritual of being one with the Earth. Just as intended.


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