In the year of 1820, a woman who would change the medical industry forever came into the world. 

In all accounts, Florence Nightingale was born with a silver spoon in her mouth. The second daughter and golden child of wealthy parents, Florence new up in lavish mansion homes, dining in the finest clothes and being pursued by many suitors. 

But something always called to her, telling Florence that she had a calling that was bigger than what her lot had given her. In 1845 when her entire town was hit with influenza, her calling was clear. Florence rolled up her fancy sleeves and dove straight into caring for the sick. Even when her family forbid her from her passion (nurses at the time were looked at as coming from the same class as prostitutes - weird, we know) she continued to travel and heal people of war and sickness.

Florence was the pioneer of modern medicine. In a time when doctors didn't deem cleaning their instruments "necessary" and you were still being blood-let for a headache she healed people with full meals, clean linens and washing wounds, and warmth. She was tireless and headstrong, gaining the nickname "Lady with the Lamp" because of her night time rounds checking in on each and every one of her patients. 

Florence went on to open the very first official school for nursing in London, even mentoring an American woman named Linda Richards on cleanliness and medical procedures which changed everything we know about medical practices in the US.

On behalf of The Moonstoned, we thank you Florence Nightingale. You inspiring, tough, caring and World-changing woman. 

Era - Art Deco

Materials - Platinum & Diamonds .70cw Center J/VS2

Size - US 6

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