If you want to talk about Fierce Women, look no further than the very epitome of "I am woman, hear me roar", Joan of Arc. 

Joan grew up a peasant girl in France during the Hundred Years War, when England was encroaching and warring on French soil to claim her for King Edward III's England. Tricky King Eddie even kidnapped the French King and raised the taxes on the already struggling poor to pay for the release of their leader. 

During this time at the ripe old age of 13, Joan began to hear voices in her head telling her that she was the answer to saving the distressed France. These voices she believed were sent to her from Angels and Saints from the Heavens. Four years later, Joan left her home without telling anyone of her plans to lead the crusades against the English. Even though she was small and feminine, by all accounts Joan led her armies with an iron will and an incredible ability to make people stop and listen. Wearing a custom suit of armor in white enamel she would carry a banner and charge into battle against the English, shouting "Come to me!" to rally the soldiers to her aid. At the height of her battles she led 12,000 soldiers into Paris to attack the foreign enemy holding there. She was wounded by a cross bow, (which she had predicted the night before, say whaaa?) and carried to safety by her men. After this battle she was heard saying that the voices told her that she "would last a year, hardly longer." 

In May, year 1430 - Joan was ambushed in the small town of Compiègne. Her captors sold her to the English, where she was tried as a witch, a braggart and an invoker of demons. Joan kept silent throughout her trials as 42 lawyers pled for leniency in the higher court and church. But her path had been set. At age 19, Joan was burnt at the stake. 

In 1920, the Roman Catholic Church declared that Joan of Arc be recognized and eternalized as a Saint; fiercely fighting on for her people.

 Era - Art Deco

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